Amplifying OKX Exchange's $X1 Campaign with Influencer Power


In an innovative campaign led by KOLHQ, OKX Exchange experienced unparalleled growth and engagement with its $X1 (Layer 1) campaign, thanks to the strategic deployment of influential web3 voices. This influencer-driven initiative not only introduced $X1 to a wider audience but also achieved a remarkable 250% increase in user participation. This case study explores the strategic planning, execution, and outstanding achievements of the campaign, providing insights for those in the trading and finance sectors looking to capitalize on influencer marketing.

Campaign Objectives

OKX Exchange embarked on the campaign with two main goals:

  1. Market Introduction: To debut and familiarize the public with $X1, highlighting its features and advantages.
  2. Engagement Boost: To elevate user involvement in $X1, nurturing an active and engaged community around the new launch.


With an understanding of the cryptocurrency community's intricacies and the critical role of trust, KOL HQ formulated a sophisticated influencer marketing strategy focusing on the most respected and influential voices in web3 on platforms like X (formerly Twitter) and YouTube.

Influencer Selection

  • Selecting influencers known for their analytical depth and thought leadership in the web3 and crypto arenas was paramount to the campaign's foundation.

Content Blueprint

A customized content strategy was designed for each platform to ensure optimal engagement and resonance:

  • Educational Content: Detailed explainers to clarify $X1's unique propositions and technological advancements.
  • Community Engagement: Interactive sessions and AMAs to cultivate community spirit and involvement with $X1.
  • Real-world Applications: Emphasizing $X1's practical value in addressing blockchain ecosystem challenges.


The campaign unfolded in phases, each strategically crafted to maintain momentum and engagement.

Awareness and Understanding

  • Initiating with a focus on building robust awareness and comprehension of $X1, influencers outlined its significance and potential to reshape the blockchain landscape.

Interaction and Participation

  • The engagement phase introduced interactive elements, such as challenges and contests, to not only educate but also inspire active participation, showcasing $X1's practical benefits.

Community Building and Advocacy

  • The concluding phase aimed at translating interest into active involvement, with influencers highlighting participation ease and sharing success stories to foster trust and wider adoption.


The campaign's influencer-driven approach led to exceptional outcomes, surpassing the initial objectives:

  • $X1 Introduction: Effectively launched and promoted $X1, ensuring broad awareness and comprehension.
  • User Participation: Achieved a 250% increase in user involvement in the $X1 campaign, significantly beyond the anticipated goal, and cultivated a dynamic user community.


This case study demonstrates the potent impact of a strategically orchestrated influencer marketing campaign within the web3 domain. Through targeted influencer collaborations, engaging content, and systematic execution, KOL HQ propelled OKX Exchange's $X1 campaign beyond its ambitious targets. This success story highlights influencer marketing's capacity to enhance awareness, stimulate engagement, and build community, serving as a robust model for entities aiming to utilize influencer marketing to navigate the complexities and opportunities in the cryptocurrency and trading landscape.


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