Elevating STEPN with Influencer Power


In a cutting-edge campaign, KOLHQ joined forces with STEPN, a pioneering move-to-earn platform, aiming to boost their presence in the Web3 gaming and GameFi sectors. This collaboration focused on attracting new users to STEPN's unique ecosystem and stimulating activity in the platform's NFT marketplace. Achieving significant milestones, the campaign led to the onboarding of 5,300 new users and the sale of 900+ new NFTs, marking a triumphant initiative.


The collaboration was anchored by two main objectives:

  • User Acquisition: Enhancing STEPN's community by welcoming 3,000 new users.
  • NFT Marketplace Boost: Energizing the platform with the sale of 250 new NFTs.


At the core of the campaign was a finely-tuned influencer marketing strategy, tapping into the influence of leading Web3 and gaming influencers across pivotal platforms: X and YouTube.

Influencer Selection

  • Criteria: Influencers were carefully chosen based on their significant followings, engaged communities, and their genuine connection with audiences in fitness, gaming, and Web3.

Content Creation

A multifaceted content strategy was crafted, spotlighting STEPN's distinct features and NFT offerings:

  • Educational Content: Guides and tutorials to onboard new users, explaining the move-to-earn model and the value of the platform's NFTs.
  • Experience Sharing: Personal success stories on STEPN to showcase the platform's benefits.
  • NFT Highlights: Focused content to pique interest in the NFT marketplace.

Platform Utilization

  • X: For timely updates and community engagement.
  • YouTube: For comprehensive guides, reviews, and live demos.


The campaign unfolded with strategic initiatives led by influencers to create buzz and foster participation:

Kick-off and Awareness

  • Introduction of STEPN through engaging posts and videos to spark interest.

Engagement and Interaction

  • Interactive content, including challenges and live sessions, to deepen audience involvement.

Conversion and Onboarding

  • Clear calls-to-action and exclusive incentives to convert followers into STEPN users.


The campaign yielded impressive results:

  • User Growth: Surpassed the goal by welcoming 5,300 new users to STEPN.
  • NFT Sales: Exceeded expectations with 900+ NFTs sold, enriching the platform's ecosystem.


This case study highlights the efficacy of influencer marketing in amplifying growth and engagement for Web3 gaming platforms. STEPN's partnership with KOL HQ demonstrates the strategic use of influencer reach to exceed campaign targets, offering a valuable model for similar platforms aiming to leverage influencer marketing.


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